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. >> that would affect the residents of louisiana. energy policy is always on their minds after hurricane katrina and the bp oil disaster of 2010. that still has not changed their minds about wanting cheap sources of power. >> dean blanchard is known as the shrimp king of louisiana. he drives around barataria bay at high speed. and though it is hard to tell, things have slowed down for him leaping -- lately. in 2010, the oil spill paralyzed louisiana. since then, he is a shrimp king without shrimp. >> there is a lot of current that goes through here. the oil did not settle on the bottom. anytime the shrimp come through, they go in the park where there is no oil. >> on grand isle, there is oil as far as the eye can see. we are headed for one of the gulf's many oil rigs. dean steers through the petroleum slicks covering the surface. he is not against fossil fuels. >> [no audio] i believe in oil. half my family is in the oil business. i believe in cheap energy. the problem we got is will companies got so big they bought out all our regulatory agencies and bought up all our politicians. >> according
of louisiana and head of the army later on. he arrived in august, 1769, and took formal possession of louisiana for spain. think of new orleans and cuba, in particular havana, governors there were also in cuba so there was all this traveling from one city to another because later when i got my ph.d. from tulaine university and i went to the irish channel. it's interesting, the irish history connected with new orleans. so the o'reilly family has been in louisiana for centuries. in cuba, nobody remembers him but it was the street of calle oreilly, famous until the 50's for its banks and bookstores. it was one of the favorite streets of (inaudible) secretary of the spanish count of fernandino, my grandfather, another irish man feeling at home in havana. there, at the busy corner of calle street and oreilly was a cafe bakery owned by a catelan. it was described by many foreigners, in particular british and irish who lived in havana at the time, as one of the best order and most elegant cafes in the world. its large door led to a main floor with a fantastic stone floor. i saw it in the 50's, i was v
construction policies in louisiana and texas. he waged a cold war in the mexican order. during the plains indian war, he was a top indian fighter. eventually became commander-in-chief of the army and surprisingly, bill sheridan said yellowstone national park from exploitation. sure didn't grow up in ohio and graduated from west point in 1853. when the civil war began in 1861, sheraton was immense your dirty world infantry captain can assume in the oregon territory. grant first recognized sheraton's leadership abilities in 1862, when sheraton was commanding a calvary brigade that defeated departure of rebel force in mississippi three months after shiloh. and chat new guy at november 1863, grant watched sheraton and his divisions during missionary ridge and then pursued confederates for hours when no one else did. granted them the sheraton was much like an, someone who would act properly, who would fight always and he would never quit. the hundreds of generals have served on those sides of the civil war, that description fit just a handful. grant her a sheraton used when president abraham l
he regularly portrays himself? >> anderson, i'm from louisiana, if i were talking to you the way i talk to friends back home, you wouldn't be able to understand me. >> my dad is mississippi, so i did go down to a mississippi reunion. >> george bush sounded more southern below the mason/dixon line. politicians on both sides do that. i don't hold him at fault for trying to sound like a pandering politician. >> roland, what do you make of this video? >> i think it is utterly laughable that sean hannity and the rest of the folks make this out to be something significant. something that was written on june 7th, 2007, on cnn.com, was a column i wrote with the headline called "obama's quiet riots are real." so they want to -- >> quiet riot is a phrase he was using in this very speech. >> no, but my point is i was referencing the speech that he also gave to the hampton ministers conference. here's the deal, you talk about the amount of money spent on the gulf coast. first of all, new orleans and gulf coast, that's alabama and mississippi, okay? is this going to have any impact of the selec
in louisiana and texas. he wagged a cold war on the mexican border. during the plains-indian war, sheridan was the top indian fighter. eventually became commander-in-chief of the army, and surprisingly, phil sheridan saved yellowstone national park from exploitation. sheridan grew up in ohio, and graduated from west point in 1853. when the civil war began in 1861, sheridan was an obscure 30-year-old infan tricaptain serving in the oregon territory. grant first recognized sheridan's leadership abilities in 1862 when sheridan was commanding a cavalry brigade that defeated a larger rebel force in mississippi, three months after shilo. in chattanooga in november 1863, grant watched sheridan and his division storm missionary ridge and then pursue the confederates for hours when no one else did. grant knew then that sheridan was much like him. someone who would act properly, who would fight always, and who would never quit. of the hundreds of generals that served on both sides of the civil war, that description fit just a handful. grant brought sheridan east with him when president abraham linco
president obama is different than the way he regularly portrays himself? >> anderson, i'm from louisiana, if i were talking to you the way i talked to friends back home, you wouldn't be able ton me. >> my dad is from mississippi. >> this is a politician pandering to a crowd. george bush would sound more southern below the mason/dixon line. and the right still lamb upons hillary clinton for trying to put on an accent. politicians on both sides do that. >> roland martin what do you make of this obama video? >> i think it's utterly laughable that sean hahnity, daily caller and the rest of these folks are making this out to be significant. something written on june 7, 2007, was a headline i wrote on cnn.com. obama's quiet riots are real. >> quiet riot is a phrase he used in this very speech. >> no, no. i was referencing the speech he gave to the hampton minister's conference. here is the deal. talk about the amount of money spent on the gulf coast. alabama, mississippi, okay? is this going to have any impact on this election? absolutely not. this is nothing more than sean hahnity's infan sit
: they are serving on a mission in la mras, louisiana, a long way from home in utah. >> i didn't know too much about it. people would tell me, you're going to have jambalaya and gumbo. i'm like, what is that? i don't know what is that. >> reporter: the church determines, they believe with devine guidance, where missionaries are placed. mitt romney served in bordeaux, france, where he has said he learned about rejection, trying to convince the french to give up wine. >> we're missionaries from the church of jesus christ -- >> we have our own religion, thank you. zblf that's okay. >> reporter: in the deep south, the missionaries often come across people with deeply rooted religious traditions. >> what church do you attend? >> glory of god. >> would it be all right if i left you with a little pamphlet? >> no, thank you. >> for some reason, they don't understand that we're trying to add to that faith in christ. >> would you like to come in? >> reporter: but then they mean yvonno, who immediately invites them inside. >> do you have a faith in christ? >> yes, i do. >> we would like to add to that and leav
508 hundred from as far away as new mexico and louisiana, -- 500 and 800 from as far away as mexico and louisiana and georgia. the goal is to have as many as she can have in place before the storm hits. >> the governor is concerned that early voting could be impacted by the storm. it starts tomorrow and last six days. the declaration he signed earlier today gives them the authority to postpone a day or two if necessary. the fells point farmers' market will be open for business tomorrow. >> that is good to know the farmers market will be open. you can always track hurricane at sandy's movement on our interactive radar. you can see how to prepare for power outages. find all on wbaltv.com. >> there is an arrest warrant tonight for the mother of one of the teenagers who admitted responsibility in the shooting death of monae turnage. the warrant accuses veronica alford of trying to cover up the shooting and trying to hide the victim's body. >> obstructing and injuring a police investigation is one of the allegations against veronica alford. police accuse her of being an accessory after t
sees the race. an undecided voter of louisiana. host: -- >> they got away from the foreign-policy and they started talking about the domestic economy. i've tried to tie that into what the questions were. i cannot think either candidate stuck with -- they kept going back to the economy. if you do that, i know president obama had a hard time when it came into office but i doubt either can it focused on the question asked. i'm still up in arms about who should really be the president because i did not hear one speaker -- one speak about bank of the. that is what i was looking for. maybe that was the first question. >> next up, brittany, louisiana. supporter of the president. good evening. >> i cannot understand how some people can think that obama can change years and years of destruction in one term. i think he needs to have another shot. i'm very proud of him. i support him completely. thank you for taking my call. host: on carper to page -- on our twitter page -- margie joins us from california. a supporter of governor romney. your reaction tonight. caller: i think actions
with the admission of missouri as of slave state -- state midges much more than the state of louisiana from domestic guerrilla to the rocky mountains it was settled by the missouri compromise. then the nullification encounter mercy it was already settled by compromise than late 1840's the future of slavery the territory from mexico and mexican war settled by the compromise of 1850. precedent and tradition in place for another settlement the chief issue between the republicans and the south but not slavery of the 15 states. almost all americans americans, republicans included the constitution and protected slavery. rather the critical question was slavery in the national territories and those that had not yet become states. geographically that we think of as the great plains and the rocky mountains to california. that did not include california. it was already a state to. the question was critical because it had to do with the future of slavery and seven powerpc in the nation. -- southern power in the nation. what is there constitutional rights as citizens? moving slave property into territories owne
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iy h regularly porays himself? >> anderson, i'mfrom louisiana, if i were talking to you the way i talk t friends back home, you woul't be abo understand me. >> my dad is mississippi, so i did go a mississippi reunion. >> george bush sounded more uthern below the mason/dixon line. politicians on both sis do that. i fault pandering politician. >> roland, wha do you this ideo? i think is utterly laughable that sean hannity a the rest of the folks make this out to something something thatas written on ne 7th, 6v2007, on cnn.com, was a column i wrote wh the headline called "obama's quiet ots are real." so they want to -- >> quiet riot is a phrase he was using in thism[ very speech. >> no, but my point is i w referencing the speech that he alsoave to the hampton ministers conference. here's t deal, yu talk abou the ou of money spent on the gulf coast. first of all, new orleans and gulf coast, that's alaba and mississipp o have any impact of the selection? absolutely not. this is something more than seaz hannity's inactuation with reverend jeremiah right. >> roy watkins, is there signi
of louisiana. i want to be there. neil: you say no. >> i'm doing everything i can to help him get elected but i like my job in louisiana. neil: governor bobby jindal, from louisiana, once considered for number 2 spot on the ticket. you never know with politics, you never know what can happen in a debate. silly things can get noteitionoticed, iguarantee youe every since george bush sr. looked at his watch in middle of a debate, one dates have -- candidates have sworn off watches in debates. more after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] w do you make 70,000 trades a second... ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, you e us, at the start of t day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everare helping grow the ways all oour economy.ank lendg more so companies and communities can pand, grevyday you se
, a vice presidential debate face-off. >> venezuelan immigrants have made the journey to louisiana to vote in today's presidential election elie their homeland. people started lining up early this morning outside the venezuelan consulate to pass their ballot for the incumbent hugo chavez or the young opponent. they closed down the miami consulate. >> we drove 23 hours to come here. a further reason to stay in your house secure in venezuela. it does not matter you vote for. vote. >> people from as many as 10 states travel to new orleans. >> a cold and damp sunday. will it be th alexis douglas: i can remember when i was younger and... my family was not necessarily financially stable. we were poor. anncr: then alexis got a job at the mgm casino in michigan. and it changed her life. alexis: i started as a wardrobe clerk. but then i was able to work my way up. i got a 401k, i have health insurance... and i make great money. anncr: in maryland, question seven will create... twelve thousand jobs. from hotel and restaurant staff to accountants... and construction workers. alexis: if you wa
of missouri as a slave state and the future slavery in the louisiana purchase, which, of course, agenda was much more than the state of louisiana. it covered almost all the territory from the mississippi river to the rocky mountains save for texas. it was settled by the missouri compromise. then 1832-33, the nullification controversy between the state of south carolina and the federal government was also settled by compromise. and, finally, the late 1840s, the battle over the future slavery in the territory one from mexico, known as the mexican session, following the mexican war, was settled by the compromise of 1850. thus coming to look at these four examples, another such settlement to take place in 1860-61. the chief issue between the republicans and the south involves slavery. but not slavery in the 15 states where it exists. almost all americans in 1860, republicans included, believed that the constitution protected slavery in the states where it existed. rather, the critical question was slavery international territories, and the territories owned by the nation but have not yet be
and running so far pretty quickly. >> the missouri linemen said they spent five days in louisiana after katrina. once they finish their work they are expected to be sent north to help with new jersey and new york. all of us are looking at trees differently. we had a contractor killed when a tree fell on him on homewood avenue. the victim died at scene. firefighters said the man was part of the crew contracted to clean up trees in the area. >>> in towson they were working to remove a tree that came down on this house. with all the rain that we have seen from sandy, the tree service got the truck stuck and had to deeing that out. >> sandy's down -- winds down trees. at one point more than 5 roads were closed -- 50 roads were closed. >>> let's go to millers island. testify that been through storms. people said isabelle was the worst storm for them. with sandy they were pleased with how the storm came back. >> i thought the power would be out by 3:00 in the afternoon. it -- it came back on at 3:30 in the morning. if they had said a few days, i would have been happy with that. >> millers isl
about how he deals with the oil and gas producers he regulated in arkansas, louisiana, new mexico, oklahoma and texas which comprised of the epa region 6. it sparked a political firestorm. >> his comments were wrong. frankly they were inflammatory. >> his boss epa administrator lisa jackson accepted his resignation saying his views were not shared by the president who p had appointed him. >> they don't come port with the administration's policy on energy. >> but fox news has been told this was not the only time he openly threatened companies he regulated. >> he appeared before the oklahoma independent petroleum association. what happened? >> they told the group straight on. >> boiling gas exploration company. he reported chairman of the romney campaign's advisory group. >> they got it quick that they ought to shut us down. >> he made it clear oil and gas industry was the enemy. >> we saw it that way. >> before joining he taught engineering at southern methodist university in dallas. he also advised environmental groups in their battle against something called fractioning or fracki
he and his sister and his brother, they were all found by a white man in rural louisiana in a ditch. he was 2 years old at the time. he was brought to a 14-year-old woman named may to raise. her father was bedridden, very old man, was a slave, and everything that she knew to do to get these children to behave was to beat them. she would tie them in a potato sack, hang them in the tree and beat them. so that's what he knew. that's what he came from. >> he had been abused. >> he had been abused his entire life. third grade education -- >> how did you find this out? >> i found it out by asking questions finally of him. >> so he told you? >> he told me a lot about it. my aunt told me about it, other people in the town, small town in louisiana where he grew up, told me about the story. so it helped me to understand a lot of who he is, which made it easier for me to let go and forgive him. >> hard to forgive, though. >> it is. it is. but it's very necessary, because what i found is this. this is so true, if you do not forgive, you hold on to this thing inside of you that can change your l
chapel on louisiana sweet. they believe that he acted alone on all three fires. louisiana-street -- evidence that the fbi and the atf consisted in the investigation. immediately of the torching of of my ears private law office. >> anny time there is a victim of a of violent crime we are concerned. regardless of the individual saddest of course of this and we felt that it was extremely poor tend to get this individual in custody. regardless of the individual -- status. >> he is in custody in fairfield and the phone calls to ozzie davis were not returned. phillipe djegal, kron 4. >> this was the three strikes law but on election day voters will have the opportunity to make changes. kron 4 has a look at proposition 36. >> right now if you are convicted of two or serious felonies the third is that you will saispent 25 years in jail. proposition 36 will change that so the 25-years of course let will only impose if it is in deep violent or serious. non- violent or non-serious is that it is twice the usual term for the offense but not the 25 years. in addition, the three strikes
region from louisiana. this is basically bisecting the country. >> actually you were just talking about louisiana? a nasty little thunderstorm right now across the area. this is stretching back into mississippi and also alabama getting in some severe weather as well. and this is just extending further to the north and this is tracking off towards the east. so we are going to get in on some of that wet weather. some thunderstorms as we go into the overnight early tomorrow morning as well. but for right now, you're stepping outdoor wondering if you need the rain gear? not necessarily. if you're going to be out all day take the rain gear with you. but back home by 3:00, 4:00 you should be in the clear. we're dealing with mainly close as of now and -- clear skies as of now and with that we have a southerly flow as well and that's helping to warm temperature thes up a bit this morning. 52 degrees in stevenson right now and 54 glen burnie. good morning annapolis at 56 degrees and 50 in mount airy. over to the eastern shore, where we're looking at 51 in centreville. cambridge, galena coming in
. a louisiana woman is in critical condition after she was attacked by three men while walking in a park in wind borrow, louisiana. police say she was set on fire and burned over more than half her body sunday night. the men also wrote the initials kkk and a racial slur on her car. the f.b.i. is investigating the attack as a possible hate crime. >>> police say the milwaukee man who killed his wife and two others at a day spa got the gun he used illegally. 45-year-old radcliff franklin houghton bought the gun two days after his wife got a restraining order against him. >>> the san francisco giants are headed back to the world series. the trip comes after the giants found themselves down three games to one to st. louis in the national league championship series. in the seventh game of the series with the cardinals, they were routed 9-0 with san francisco's record tying sixth victory in a must win game this post-season. they'll take on the detroit tigers in game one of the world series tomorrow night. >>> time 4:36. today is going to feel more like mid september. we have a high near 80 degrees. how
thunderstorms from birmingham approaching montgomery all the way back to southern louisiana. this is ahead of a front that's driving toward us. these storms aren't going to get us but as the storm producing this heads toward us, there will be new storms we'll worry about this evening. cumberland is 43. atop haystack mountain they're a out that way with 48 at the tappahannock airport. outside on our michael & son weather camera looking at wisconsin avenue, a little bit of a breeze wrapped around the flag pole there. but we've got a quiet morning out there under clear skies. dew point 52. this has come up a lot since yesterday so it's a little more humid. humidity this morning at 87% and a south wind. that's the key to why we're not as chilly as last night. the south winds have stayed up at 9 miles an hour. here's the big storm system. the center of it spinning across minnesota this morning. we've got some rain, a little bit of snow mixing on the back side. look at all the storms that are lined up again from louisiana all the way back up toward the great lakes. this is tonight's rain and thu
million total. the requirements the state of mississippi and louisiana reimbursed 10 percent, not the city of new orleans. they had a $1 billion per year superstation surplus. normally that would collapse the finances so the government said put up your match for the levees but instead you could pay it over 30 years. he misstated the facts deliberately to say they were put upon. it was not the city but the state of louisiana. and forgiven 16 months of the fees that were waived picked up by the federal government. gerri: what about these comments? speaking to people who were on your side. that was the candidates frame of mind. did he go to far? >> absolutely. saying the bush should ministrations is bigoted. shame on him to be so racially divisive trying to get votes. what happened to the man who said he would bring us together who blames the predecessor as a racial bigot? >> vice president joe biden had comments. >> this is a deadly. how they can justify raising taxes with the middle-class over the last four years. [laughter] gerri: i could hardly believe he said that. >> the gift that keeps
the requirement for debris removal, emergency assistance for 16 months. some of the assistance at louisiana and mississippi received had no stafford act requirement. for example, there is $20 billion for housing. no requirement that the state put up a 10% match. there was $14 billion in targeted tax relief. again, no requirements. >> bill: all of this stuff and by the way we got these stats from our brain room of researchers. this shows you how complicated it is i'm not questioning you because you were there. however, here is the key question. is barack obama making this stuff up is he fabricating this deal? >> mississippi required to pay 10% on everything and this was not waived. that's simply not true. >> the people in florida and new york city were given presidential preferential treatment. because new orleans is a black town they were hosed. >> remember, the people -- the entity that pays the money the stafford match is the state. the state of louisiana was running a billion-dollar a year surplus. >> you are going wonky on me now. >> no the they say you are picking on new orleans. it's
is the secretary of state of louisiana and joins us now from baton rouge. mr. secretary of state, welcome. thanks for joining us this morning. >> great to be with you. >> they say that you guys in the election officials are dumping people off the list, throwing them overboard, pushing them onto that inactive list, the so-called vote purging. what is your response to this? >> well, my response is this. the word purging connotates something sinister. it's not in the federal or state law, and i would suggest to those critics to read the actual federal law. this is a process that is very simple and it's just a simple procedure in this regard. registered voters in each state are required annually to ascertain if an individual still lives in the location in which they're registered. we used postal address change or records and other documents, motor vehicle records, and we verify roughly at least in louisiana 95% of the 2.9 million voters are determined to be exactly where they're supposed to be. for those 5% typically on an average here in louisiana, we send in postcards and other methodologies to asc
300 miles from the center. >> when you say cape may, that's almost like grand isle, louisiana, it sticks out in new jersey. so for everyone storm, when i worked in philadelphia, everyone went to cape may because that's where you get the best pictures. speaking of best pictures, let me talk to george howell, he is back. george, you're aware, you said you were getting pelted and lost the light because of the rain and now your shot went down because of the weather and now you're back. how intense is this getting moment by moment? are you feeling the intensity moment by moment here? >> reporter: don, absolutely. again, we are feeling these winds. wind gusts anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour at times. and you're right, this is the area that has really been getting the brunt of this storm. when you look at the way the storm has been traveling, most of it offshore, as chad described, right there on the outer bands of the wind field, we are feeling the strong winds as they come in. and that's what people will start seeing in the metro areas as this storm hooks a left. so, again, w
to an independent callinger from louisiana. good morning. caller: good morning. i was calling, it seems like this is a met forethis unprecedented weather condition. we've had many droughts, floods contributed to climate change. now there are a group of wealthy old men who have convinced a lot of oop people that climate change is unreal. there are a lot of people surfing from this as well in the financial climate promoted by the same group of people. at what point -- now president obama is going to have to clean up this mess and get criticized for it the whole time he's doing the best he can. at what point do we start holding the people that led us into this responsible? isn't this the party of responsibility and if they used all their wealth and pow tore convince us will there is no climate change they should be empty to make people hold who are helpless to changing anything. and here again, this is a problem created by that group of people t climate change and they still don't believe it. they said they [inaudible] 24r should be a personal responsibility and somebody should pay. make all th
'm sorry for you. >>> it's time now for a first look at ktal nbc 6 news in shreveport, louisiana, where a paralyzed man is preparing to use his hands and arms to embark on an inspirational journey to help others. scott wells is on a 250-mile mission to make life better for people like him. the 42-year-old paraplegic is going to crank his hand cycle all the way to baton rouge. and when he arrives, he hopes people will be motivated to live their life to the fullest, regardless of any limitations they may face. i'm lynn berry and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> well, in china it's acceptable to play with your food. one soldier celebrated china's national day by showing off his unusual talent carving fruit and vegetables into animals. he learned this skill after joining the army and can even carve entire pieces while blindfolded. in just ten minutes, he created a flying white crane from white tuna. pretty impressive. >>> well, that will surely be more appetizing than what a new york artist uses for art. for the past ten years the artist
, but go ahead and drink, the jokes get funnier. [laughter] i spent -- i'm from louisiana, and i spent time in office there, and i was introduced recently. i'd been speaking, and i was introduced as a former state legislate you are the from louisiana. and a guy came up to me and said you don't sound or look like you're from louisiana. i said, what do you mean? i watch that show about louisiana, "swamp people." [laughter] and i said james carville does not represent all of us. [cheers and applause] but i thought that bob franken was going to accept for thomas roberts, but i was told that he could not make it tonight. he was out wooking for the white--wing wascists. [laughter] where's that time machine? maybe i can go back and pass on this. and my pal chris matthews, i hate to say this, but i hate that he didn't win the award, and i hate that he is not here tonight. it must have been something he hate. [laughter] or maybe it's just that the thrill's gone. as for thomas roberts and the time machine, maybe we can send him back to a time when reporters actually reported. [applause] you know, you
. >>> the government beat its goal in cleaning up. the secretary louisiana hood -- la hood visited the site this morning. surpass the goal of 28. three more ships are set to be scrapped and recycles with priority given. >>> students and staff at logan high school are mourning the death of a long time teacher. the exact cause of death has not yet been revealed and students and teachers wondering what happened. >> 54-year-old christopher ryan was a veteran educator in union city. >> he was a teacher here for 18 years. he also worked add a administrateor. >> he >> he talked about college. he wanted to prep us all for. >> reporter: together grief counselors on hand. ryan's family told the sheriff's office they last saw him on tuesday morning. but in this parking area three near interstate 280 and highway 91 deputies say his car wednesday night. the next day ryan's body was found in the same general area. investigator wouldn't comment on how died. they i did the case now in the hand of coroners off. students say they have a lot of questions and his presence will be miss. >> he had heart problems
but otherwise okay. they were loaded on to another trailer and arrived safely for a performance in louisiana. >> you don't see that too often. >> not at all. >>> now, for a look at morning road conditions. hopefully you don't run into elephants on the highway. a wet commute from seattle to portland, into the rockies. slick highways into southern texas and the miami area. showers could dampen roads around the great lakes, from grand rapids to chicago. >> if you're flying today, airport delays are expected in cities on the board. seattle and salt lake city. >>> the release of 21 names, all of them alleged clients in the so-called zumba prostitution case. >> talk about talk of the town. those names are said to be clients of fitness instructor, alexis wright, who is accused of running a sex for money operation, out of her studio in kennebunk, maine. her attorney and realtor are on the list, along with husbands and dads out there. many of the alleged johns believe to live in portland, maine, about 50 miles from kennebunk. >>> a new warning about tainted drugs from a massachusetts pharma pharmacy.
and mentality and intimidating my neighbors. i loved in cities in the south including texas and louisiana but i have never seen a good old boy system than right here. through the years i have watched many of my local neighbors including medical doctors throw up their hands and surrender to this harassment and oppression. but i believe we need to stand up to bullies, not just the children in recent documentaries but all bullies and the foundation shrewd billionaires and the well paid lobbyists and business friends and associates who stand to reap millions of dollars from their agenday bullies ask that we turn a blind eye and ignore their corrupting influence. i had some of you sitting here would stand up for citizens who are simply willing to present a balanced perspective. maybe you can't be bothered to think about my personal safety or my family or even my neighbors but i thought at least you would have wanted to find out about the men who attacked me for the soccer parents who all of you have been well informed to continue unwlittantly untrust their children to these violent criminals. t
or troop leaders. a 1965 file shows a louisiana mother complained to a local sheriff that a scout master had raped one of her sons and molested two others. the man confessed. but neither police nor the scouts pursued the charges, according to the files to save the name of scouting. boy scouts of america now claims to have some of the best protection among youth groups in the country with criminal background checks, training programs, and mandates to report actual or suspected abuse. boy scouts of america president wayne terry had this to say in an interview this week. >> to the extent we fell short in protecting a youth and we did fall short in some instances we're profoundly sorry and our job is to protect every youth. it's not enough to say we protect, we did a great job most of the time, we have to do a great job all the time. >> reporter: he said the files are valuable because they are used to keep track of people who violated the boy scouts membership standards. >> the only purpose of these files is to keep people out, to keep them from re-entering boy scouts later on and the files
and after they targeted me on the corporate sponsored website. i lived in texas and louisiana in the south and never seen such a good old boy system and robust and epidemic than right here but i believe people need to stand up to bullies including the foundation shrewd billionaires and the well paid lobbies and business friends and associates who stand to reap millions of dollars as well as other favors from these projects. i have spoken to my friends in ocean view who of lead by the foundation partnership and its lobbyist s. the so-called gift that the ocean view neighborhood and the sheraton eliminateistry school will be living and breathing with 24/7 is a concealed cancer risk plain and simple. bullies and their followers don't operate in a vacuum and require responsible people like us to stay silent and ignore the corrupting influence. i would hope one of you sitting here would stand up for citizens and give a balanced perspective or for the children and for the soccer officials and to stop another killing or a spill incident. just this morning i was contacted by tv 60 minutes an
nbc 6 news in shreveport, louisiana, where a paralyzed man is preparing to use his hands and arms to embark on an inspirational journey all to help others. scott wells is on a 250 mile mission to make life better for people like him. the 42-year-old paraplegic is going to crank his hand cycle all the way to baton rouge. when he arrives he hopes people will be motivated to live their life to the fullest regardless of the limitations they may face. good role model there. i'm lynn berry and this is "early today," just your first stop of the day today on your nbc station. >>> and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news4 today. >> are we going to double down on the top economic policies that helped to get us into this mess or do we embrace new economic patriotism? >> the people who are having the hard time right now are middle income americans. under the president's policies middle income americans have been buried. >> laying out policy instead of zingers as mitt romney and president obama make their cases to voters in the first presidential debate. good morning, ever
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